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March 2016

Rep. Barbara Lee presenting Paul Alivisatos with Congressional Record honoring his service as Berkeley Lab's director

Rep. Barbara Lee congratulating Mike Witherell on becoming director of Berkeley Lab

Dinner Panel with Vik Bajaj and Jeff Neaton

Dinner Panel with Paul Alivisatos and Ambika Bumb

Dinner Panel with Steve Chu and Vik Bajaj

Ambika Bumb, Don Medley and Rep. Barbara Lee

Jim Schuck

Jeff Bokor, Roger Falcone, Jeff Neaton

Steve Louie

Alison Hatt, Branden Brough and Meg Holm

Jim Ciston and Andy Minor

Jim Krupnick, Jim Bustillo and Karen Bustillo

Latha Venkataraman and Ron Zuckermann

Mike Witherell and Jeff Neaton

Mark Alper, Steve Louie, Miquel Salmeron and Vik Bajaj

Stefano Cabrini and Francesca Morabito

WE Moerner

Paul Alivisatos, Steve Chu and Jeff Bokor