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March 2016

Molecular Foundry Director Jeff Neaton

Paul Alivisatos, former Director of Berkeley Lab and founding Director of the Molecular Foundry

Brian Schowengerdt, co-founder of Magic Leap, an industry user of the Molecular Foundry

Mike Witherell, Director of Berkeley Lab

Representative Mike Honda (D-CA), co-author of the Nanotechnology Research and Development Act

Molecular Foundry Facility Directors, Andy Minor and David Prendergast

Session 1 Speaker's Panel, Alex Zettl, Jeff Grossman and Jim DeYoreo

Molecular Foundry Facility Directors, Stefano Cabrini and Jim Schuck

Session 2 Speaker's Panel, Jeff Bokor, WE Moerner and Latha Venkataraman

Session 3 Speaker's Panel, Steve Louie, Miquel Salmeron and Eva Nogales

Audience members ask questions of the panelists

250 people participated in the full day event